Bardot at Sofitel

A hotel photo exhibit celebrates the sex symbol.

BB Forever

HOTEL GALLERY: Hotels serve many purposes, but generally they're thought of as a place to sleep and to dine, usually in that order. But consider that they're large, they boast many rooms, and they attract a clientele that very often is in town to take in culture or be a bit touristy. In short? They're the ideal place to show art, at least outside of a museum or traditional gallery. The Sofitel Los Angeles has been on board with this idea, welcoming traveling exhibits and expanding the idea of what roles the hotel can play. And its new exhibit? Chic stuff. They'll feature photos featuring none other than Ms. Brigitte Bardot, acclaimed, ooh-la-la-y sex symbol.

"BB FOREVER": The exhibition actually makes its "worldwide debut" at the Sofitel, and the Feb. 21 opening is timed to coincide with Oscar week. That's appropriate; some of the photos are stills from some of Ms. Bardot's movies. The show, which has over two dozen photos, will be up through March 30. Why not stop in the bar for a French 75 or other elegant, Gallic cocktail after the show? Make the day as cinematic and '60s-styling as possible, mais non?

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