New Year's Eve

Big Bear Skiing into 2020 by Torchlight

Snow and shimmer will lend the very end of the year a bit of mountain magic at Snow Summit.

Big Bear Mountain Resort

THE HALLMARKS OF NEW YEAR'S EVE? A paper hat with a year emblazoned across its front comes to mind, as do streamers, and balloons, and funny eyeglasses, and party horns. Jammies and slippers and a comfy couch might arise in the thoughts of those who prefer to keep closer to home on the final day of the year. And for foodies? It's all about a fine restaurant and memorable meal. But if you're a mountain maven, and you love to be out in the snow after the sun makes its last bow for the year, your year-end touchstone surely has to be the visually vavoom-y torchlight parade. Not every ski destination holds such a slope-based procession on Dec. 31, but...

SNOW SUMMIT... at Big Bear Mountain Resort shall, with some 200 participants slipping into their skis and locking into their boards for the after-dark light show. And if you're not someone who likes to push it to the wee small hours, after you yourself have done a few turns on your own skis? It all starts around 7 p.m., meaning you can be tucked up and asnooze long before midnight (or, yes, you can move onto other celebrations around the mountain town, if you're feeling it). The free event is marking its 55th anniversary, making it truly longlasting in the light-up-the-night events around the area (and, indeed, California). And, yes, you can see the dazzling sight from across Big Bear Lake, if you'd like to admire it from a ways away.

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