Catalina Island Sends a ‘Love Letter' to Its Fans

The fabled getaway's tourism authority has a fresh rebranding, one that includes a heart-big missive to mavens of the island.

Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce

SENDING A POSTCARD... from a pretty place? It's a tradition that's beyond time-honored. Millions of globetrotters have sent one, while people at home have received a picturesque rectangle in the mail, from a friend or a relative, a note that details an enjoyable trip to somewhere fabulous. It's a rarer thing, though, to receive an actual letter from a place instead of a person, but then quirky and cool Catalina Island is not a typical destination. Home to the iconic Casino Building, to flying fish, kelp forests, golf carts, beachy landmarks, a movie-star bison herd, and the charming Airport in the Sky, the island tends to hold a higher place in many hearts. So you'd almost expect to get, or at least hope to receive, a love letter from such a fabulous location. Expect no longer, Avalon aficionados, for...

CATALINA ISLAND... just posted a "Love Letter" to its fans, a way to reconnect following months of coronavirus closures, and to let people know that its tourism authority has recently undergone a rebranding (Love Catalina Island is the theme). "For generations, visitors have come to the island and upon their return home told 'love stories' about all they had seen and done. Many fell in love, had a first date, proposed or even exchanged vows on the island. When residents ventured out into the world and shared that they hailed from Catalina Island, the most common refrain was, 'I love Catalina...' Thus, Love Catalina Island emerged."

SWEET STUFF, for sure, from a lovely location travelers do adore. Are you one of those travelers? The island is beginning to reopen, with hotels accepting reservations for leisure travelers beginning on June 12. For other openings, and to learn about the island's "Summer of Love" concert series, board your own boat, or flap like a flying fish, in this direction.

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