Death Valley's Star Gathering to Soon Glimmer

Dip into astronomical bliss in one of the most lunar locations that California has to offer.

Matt Anderson Photography

WHAT GLIMMERS IN THE DESERT? Our drier regions have gained a reputation as being low on the glimmer scale. There are beautiful rocks and mountains and ancient lake beds, but, in some minds, few things that truly shine. Of course, desert devotees know this is poppycock and quite far from the truth. There is, after all, a shine to the sun, and to a small lizard's eye, and to a pop-up lake, the kind of water that follows an intense storm. There is also an unseen glimmer in a hiker's heart, and a visitor's spirit, due to being in such an epic landscape. And, of course, the stars glimmer and bewitch after sundown, each and every cloudless night, and there are plenty of those in an arid land. If you've personally got...

GLIMMER IN YOUR SOUL... whenever you're in a soul-gladdening destination like Death Valley National Park, and you'd love to see some star shimmer alongside the star smarties from the Las Vegas Astronomical Society, plan to be in the DV on Feb. 21 and 22, 2020. For that's when the Death Valley Star Party will erect the telescopes for two evenings of astonishing astronomical adventuring, which is a notably rich experience in such a dark location. Adding to the...

COSMIC ATMOSPHERE? Death Valley is something of a different planet, right here on this planet. It can feel as if you've exited the stratosphere and found yourself on the surface of a strange and alien world that's a few galaxies over from our own (it's no surprise that the park has served as a "Star Wars" setting). So if you need to get away from life for a weekend, as in really, totally away, here's your trip to a different planet, one where there is glimmer to spare, thanks to all of that epic starshine.

THERE'S PLENTY TO KNOW, in terms of camping and visiting the star party, but know this, too: You'll be in the "largest international Dark Sky Site in the United States," making star-sighting even more spectacular.

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