Delish: Corn Bar at Tanaka Farms

The season of roasted corn is upon us, so raise a cob and rejoice, in Irvine.

THERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE... who firmly hold to the notion that no Christmas carols should be sung before December, while other people will begin warbling ditties involving jingling bells and tinsel in June. Other people say that Easter candy shouldn't be consumed after the holiday hops away, while some are still noshing upon chocolate eggs well into summer. And the whole roasted corn debate? There's the firm it's-a-summer-treat camp, while other corn-ologists vow to wait for autumn and its scarecrow-y spate of harvest festivals. If you keep a foot firmly placed in both camps, however, you're not alone, for we'll wager the majority of cob-seekers want the good stuff, even if it is hot outside or the trees are changing color. And we can all agree that roasted corn season is the stuff of mid-to-late-summer-to-fall, which leads us to the...

CORN FESTIVAL... at Tanaka Farms, and how the 2017 dates of July 1 and 2 are perfectly timed to please both summer corn lovers and those eager for fall. The theme? Sweet kernels shall get the spotlight at the Irvine spread via "LOTS OF SAMPLES!" and "CORN ITEMS GALORE!" Music to our... ears. Yours, too? Then wait for it: There's also going to be a wondrous festival addition called a "Corn Bar", a spot juicily devoted to roasted corn and its many complementary toppings. We'll guess you're now wanting your own Corn Bar at home, yes? Complete with butter and seasoned pepper and hot sauce and cheeses and mayonnaise? It would be the most sought-after spot in the neighborhood, that's for darn sure. Another non-corn yet so flavorful entry for the July 1-2 weekend: Melon tours are starting up, so if you're both a melon maven and you're rhapsodic over corn, a solid noshing weekend awaits at Tanaka Farms.

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