Desert Doughnuts: Holiday Weekend Fun

Watch the unveiling of a 40-pound doughnut, and enjoy smaller doughnuts, at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa.

HOLIDAY WEEKEND GETAWAY: The first few days in September? That's right around when Labor Day Weekend typically falls, and travelers begin to consider a quick getaway, a trip that will likely involve some heat, given the time of year. There's plenty of heat in Palm Desert, no spoiler alert required, and if you make for the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa, you'll find high temps and crystalline pools, which have a way of keeping high temps tamed. But holiday weekends aren't simply about refreshing swims, and sunshine, and the whole getting-away-a-tude; fun and interesting eating is also on the dining docket. And the Palm Desert resort is going to make its holiday-style noshing pretty memorable on on Saturday, Sept. 2 (updated), when a...

40-POUND DOUGHNUT... is unveiled. It'll likely be round like the sun above the resort, and definitely not as hot, and definitely easier to eat, though you may want to save your appetite, for a Sugar High Happy Hour will follow the mega doughnut reveal, complete with a choose-your-own doughnut wall. There's also a DoNut Disturb package, starting at $219, which comes with a 10-pound doughnut (a doughnut that, wait for it, will show at your door, courtesy of the Donut Dispatcher). The fun part? This package will be available for several months to come. If the sticky, gooey pastries aren't your scene, there are a number of other goings-on around the expansive property, including Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf, Canvas Art Painting, and more. If you need some sunbeams, some splashing, some doughnut time, and a fast jaunt out of town over Labor Day Weekend, give the hotel a jingle, or check out the web site for more info on rates, happenings, and sunny such.

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