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Dip Into Fallbrook's Famous Avocado Fest

The free-to-enter celebration will boast creamy bites, live tunes, activities for kids, and more.

Gregor Schuster

AVO-EVERYTHING: So where does an avocado best fit into a particularly fabulous dish? Is it the creamy element in the sauce or dressing? Should it be sliced and folded into a tortilla or added to the top of a burger patty? Or perhaps cubing the fruit is the ideal route, especially if you'd like to garnish a salad or side with plenty of avo-oomph? It is a foodstuff with plenty of flexibility, in short, which could be one reason for its enduring and appetizing popularity. And that piquant popularity will be on delicious display in downtown Fallbrook when the long-running Avocado Festival returns for a day of sunshine, sounds, art to enjoy, and so much creamy cuisine.

SUNDAY, APRIL 24... is the date, admission is free, and it all gets rolling around 9 in the morning (which is about when we start craving avocado in an omelet, on a scramble, or just served on the side of an especially hearty breakfast). Several food booths will have all sorts of treats themed to the iconic alligator pear, while live music and places for kid's activities will also play a major part. And a Guacamole Contest? That feels like the heart of any happening where the glorious green goodie is the savory central player.

CALIFORNIA... is celebrated for its fruit-oriented affairs, those festivals that celebrate our freshest produce, and all of the yummy things we can make with the veggies, berries, thistles, and lettuces we love. There've long been a few avocado-centered celebrations around the state, and Fallbrook's party is one of the most venerable of the luscious bunch. Check out recipes, music acts, times, details, and everything you should expect at the Avocado Festival site now.

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