Dry Creek Valley: Passport Weekend

Spend the final weekend of April sipping at a few of the 45 participating wineries.

FAREWELL, LOVELY APRIL: How does one properly, and with joyful respect, bid goodbye to what is widely considered to be the sweetest of months? It does end on a Sunday in 2017, but it wouldn't do to spend the day running errands, or cleaning out the spare room, or organizing a closet. Making for the outdoors, to places known for leafy tendrils, and great growing things, and great tasting things, all while soaking in some rays, seems an appropriate action to take. Especially, of course, if you're wild for wine, and you enjoy getting to know the people who make the bottles you love best. It just so happens that the final two days of April 2017 will be gloriously given over to a passport event, one involving 45 wineries, in picturesque Dry Creek Valley. If this sounds far better than reordering your hangers — they'll still be there in May, promise — then purchase the $135 two-day passport, or $80 Sunday passport, find your designated driver pal (their ticket is $55), and head out to...

QUIVIRA VINEYARDS, where "...guests will have the chance to blend their own custom herb salts from biodynamically-grown estate herbs" or another winery, where you're bound to find special weekend-long doings, from a Beatles cover band to special themes (Prohibition shall be one, and, yes, "Caddyshack" another). A caboodle of accoladed chefs, too, will be in the valley, so plan to say hi to Charlie Palmer and a host of other fabulous food visionaries. And shall there be tours of various vineyards, the better to soak up those aforementioned rays? It would be a shame to spend the final hours of April strictly indoors. For all the Dry Creek goodness, and what the wineries will be up to during this 28th go-around, wend your way, with sunshine in your soul, to more news of this late-April affair.

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