Funky Salvage Sale: Mojave Desert Finds

What's out there in all of that open landscape? Lots, as lookie-loos will see, in Joshua Tree.

A TYPICAL YARD SALE? C'mon. There's no such thing. Saunter down most any block on a Saturday morning and you'll see one set-up that focuses on magazines from the 1960s, various types of rocking chairs, and a oddly shaped vase made out of vintage coins. Just beyond that sale? Another unrelated yard sale, one that sports overly wide neckties, garish sunglasses, and dog toys for purchase. The upshot of being a committed yard-saler is always being open to surprise, delight, and a dash of what-the???-ism, which helps as you comb through the goods and items long owned by someone you've never met. But, truth be told, yard sales can get even more offbeat than the ones you find along your street. Take the upcoming Salvage Sale at the headquarters of the Mojave Desert Land Trust in Joshua Tree on Saturday, July 29. You won't find old roller skates or banjos, although, to be honest, you could, if a pair of roller skates or a banjo was discovered in the desert by a field staffer for the desert-protecting trust. That's right, the Salvage Sale is all about...

FOUND DESERT ITEMS, the "desert treasures" recovered from the arid landscape by those who work for and assist the MDLT. And a truly heartwarming bit? "All proceeds from the sale will go towards MDLT's conservation programs that help keep our deserts pristine for generations to come." Keep the "heartwarming" in mind, or, at least, the "warming" part if you head out on July 29: The end of July is terrifically toasty in the beautiful JT area. So have water nearby as you pore over what's been found out in the desert, the strange and the mundane, and if you find something you want to buy? You're helping a great organization continue to shower love upon the marvelous Mojave, which is not a win-win, but more like a win-win-win-win-win. So go score a desert find while doting upon the lizard-filled, sun-splashed, eternally epic area.

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