Get to Know the Wildflowers Among the Redwoods

Keep an eye out for rhododendrons, and other beautiful blooms, while calling upon the big trees.

Darrell Gulin

What to Know

  • Various wildflowers, including rhododendrons, pop up around the towering trees as April and May arrive
  • Save the Redwoods League has flower-seeking tips
  • Read up on safety guidelines before visiting Redwood National and State Parks

HITTING THE ROAD IN SEARCH OF RHODOS? We'd probably call you the sort of adventurer who has a soft spot for rhododendrons, the frilly-of-petal flowers that decorate deep green shrubs with all sorts of happy hues, from pink to purple. You can find rhododendrons regally rocking front yards, garden settings, and leafy spaces in several parts of California, but if you want to spy them in a fantastical forest-like setting, you'll want to make straight for the redwoods. For the tall, tall trees and the rather-low-to-the-earth shrubs have quite the notable knack for playing neighbors. But rhododendrons aren't the only blossoms you'll spy around a redwood-laden park when April and May arrive. Trillium is another terrific flower that does well in the redwoods' cooler and moist environment, while lupines also make a lovely showing.

SAVE THE REDWOODS LEAGUE... shared some of the blooms to behold while visiting the redwoods, and the 2020 article is still full of flowery inspiration. Mariposa lilies, stream violets, and other showy bursts may be seen in the vicinity of a sequoia or redwood tree, in addition to the rhododendron. Eager to get up on your floral 411? And to plan a trip that's about admiring the epic icons as well as the more petite plants that may only stand a few feet high, compared to the colossal company the smaller specimens keep? This National Park Service page, which explores the amazing plants that grow among the redwoods, is another fine foray into the flowery world that thrives near the sky-high giants.

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