Knott's Scary Farm: 2017 Hotel Packages

Too teeth-chattery to make the drive home from Buena Park? Find your cozy bed nearby.

SCARES AND SLEEP? It seems as if they're forever entwined, or at least tangentially connected, in many minds. We put off watching a spooky movie just before bedtime, lest the fright film fill our dreams with monsters and ghosts. And do we sometimes leave the closet light on just after finishing a spirit-filled story? Well, even the smallest glow seems to help ease our slumber. How, then, does the notion of a solid, REM-laden, eight-hours-or-more night o' sleep figure into the Halloween spectaculars at our region's theme parks? They are mighty macabre, and the famous mazes that dot each event can keep a person up long after they arrive home. There are, though, a few autumntime happenings that have special stay-over packages attached, and while there's no guarantee that your dreams won't be ghosty as you bed down in a hotel, you'll at least know that you'll be staying in the area of the event, and not having to make a long drive home. Peek, if you will, at...

KNOTT'S SCARY FARM, the eeky Buena Park scare-it-up that extends for several weeks each year. The 2017 event, which opens on Thursday, Sept. 21 and runs on select nights through Halloween, has something extra for those who want to sleep nearby-ish: Knott's Scary Farm Hotel Packages at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel. There are a few levels, starting with the Barebones Hotel Package, and admission to Knott's Scary Farm is included (if you go up a couple of levels, you can score admission to Knott's Berry Farm, too). Give everything the eyeball, before booking, and decide which stay will fold into your phantom-y plans for visiting the famous monster-mayhem attraction. Will you be a pinch less scared knowing that you'll be sleeping near the park? Well, perhaps not: "Monsters will be roaming the Lobby on Scary Farm nights," reveals the hotel. Think of that as you go nighty-night upstairs, comfy on your pillow.

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