Lavender's Lovely Moment Is Now

Did you miss your usual lavender outing, a June staple in a few pretty pockets of California? You can order your favorite fragrance online.

Pierre Longnus

THAT JUNE JOY, the joy found in nature, has many strong sources in California, depending upon where you are. You might be on the coast, enjoying a quintessential June Gloom morning, or could be hiking in the Sierra Nevada, where some of the last of spring's wildflowers make a showy, way-up-high stand. But if you're in Ojai or around Cherry Valley, and it is later June, and you're reveling in something seasonal, chances are good that you're at a lavender festival, standing in a lavender field, or taking a lavender-themed craft or cooking class. For lovely lav does live large as summer begins in those special spots, and while a number of 2020 events have been canceled, there is a way to connect with your beloved herb.

123 FARM AT HIGHLAND SPRINGS RANCH & INN, in Cherry Valley, isn't hosting its usual Lavender Festival, but it is welcoming people who'd like to take a physically distanced stroll through the blooming lavender, through July 19 (you'll need to book your visit ahead, please note). There's also food for purchase, and, you bet, a few of the dishes feature lavender. Prefer to order a few lavender products online? Hurrah: 123 Farm has a great shop. And if you also adore the Ojai lavender scene, you can locate lots of lavender items around the verdant valley, too. Spots like Ojai Lavender Farms in Santa Paula have product-packed online shops, so stock up essential oils, soaps, and lotions now. Want to visit? You'll need to make an appointment first, lovely lav lovers.

TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS? Due to the pandemic, you'll want to check in on the latest travel advisories and must-knows before venturing out on the road on any summertime adventure.

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