Live La Vida Los Olivos at a Locals' Block Party

The wine country burg is greeting June with joy and specials.

GETTING THE "LOCALS LOVE"? That surely means different things to different people, but at the Los Olivos Block Party on Sunday, June 3, that good vibe will mean deals aplenty for all who attend. Want to score 2-for-1 tastings? Alexander & Wayne Winery will have those, as will Arthur Earl Winery. Looking for some savings on noshable appetizers? Swing by The Bear and Star for 20% off. The rosé is a fiver a glass at Community Craft Uncommon Wine and Beer, you can buy five cards for ten bucks at Honey Paper, and there's a concert springing up at The Crooked Path. There's lots more, from more music, to more 2-for-1 tastings (you may have heard that Los Olivos boasts oodles of tasting rooms), yummy food trucks, and free chocolate samples (swing by Stafford's Chocolates for those gratis treats). Above all, that local-y feel is what so many visitors to the postcard-esque town, a wine country must-stop, do crave. 

HAVE YOU CRAVED THAT? La Vida Los Olivos? Did you visit during your last Santa Ynez Valley swing-through, only to vow you couldn't leave? Here's your chance to play a local for the afternoon, deal-wise and freebie-wise, all while soaking in some of that warm sunshine. Yep, June is starting off toasty, so don your sundress for this one, or favorite shorts, and clip-clop for the town off the 154, not too far east of the 101. Let's call it a pinch, all told, if you're heading in from the highway, though there are other wine-country-y drives to take, lovely and languid, to reach Los Olivos. 

THE DATE? The Los Olivos Block Party spreads that local love on Sunday, June 3.

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