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Lush Lavender Is in ‘Full Bloom' at 123 Farm

The purple power is looking epic at 123 Farm as July approaches; be sure to book your tickets before heading for the Cherry Valley destination.

Highland Springs Ranch & Inn

What to Know

  • Highland Springs Ranch & Inn in Cherry Valley
  • Closed Mondays
  • Tickets are $7.50-$15; book in advance

THE WORD "LAVENDER"? You'll often find it alongside "purple" and "fragrant" and "lovely," in various paragraphs and passages. But finding it in a sentence that also happens to mention "Provence," the region in Southern France that is synonymous with the flowering herb? That's also going to happen quite frequently, as the the lavender-lush area is known by flower fans around the planet. Finding Provence-style lavender spreads beyond France isn't always easy, of course, but there are pockets here and there that summon some of the spectacular sights often seen on calendars, fronting greeting cards, and in the pages of travel magazines. California happens to be home to a number of exquisitely purple destinations, the kind of eye-pleasing, olfactory-fantastic forays that send lav lovers out on an adventure. And at...

123 FARM... at Highland Springs Ranch & Inn? The lavender hit "full bloom" as June 2021 drew to a close, giving day-trippers and those seeking great snapshot opportunities something to plan for. In fact, the property's popular Lavender Festival is on through Aug. 1, 2021, so there's no need to make for the Cherry Valley ASAP, but you'll want to visit soon to see those purple-y carpets. Adding to the allure of a visit? The lavender-themed treats for sale, from lavender lemon bars to lavender lemonade (not to mention plenty of savory fare, too, including a lavender-braised beef brisket sandwich). Be sure to get those tickets ahead of time, and do note that "A Walk Through the Lavender Fields" is closed on Mondays.

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