Luxe Deal: Stay on Rodeo, Swim on Sunset

If you're a guest at Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, you're welcome to splash about at Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel.

POOL RULES: Taken a refreshing dip recently in a crystalline swimming pool? There were very likely some rules posted on a wall close to the shallow end, with helpful safety pointers on what to do and not to do. But there's an edict that is rarely posted, at least in terms of hotel pools, though everyone pretty much knows it: Only guests of the hotel may use the hotel's swimming pool. This makes sense, of course, because pool privileges are traditionally held for those people paying to stay on the property. This rule, though, can get a bit elastic from time to time with the blessings of the pool-blessed hotel. Such is the case with a pair of Luxes — Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel and Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel — and one very pretty, cabana-lined, all-too-tempting body of water located at one of the elegant inns. The H2O can be found on Sunset, meaning that Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel guests are, of course, welcome to wade in, no quibbles or questions asked. But so are guests at the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, too, in a rare twist. Check into the Beverly Hills-based, shops-close property and you'll have...

"FULL ACCESS"... to the Sunset Boulevard pool, which comes with quite the view of The Getty Center. That's not the only perk of the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel; there are inflatable pool toys to up the general air of frolic, and a billiards table and table tennis is on its way. And if you're lounging poolside on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you can enjoy bites and beverages delivered to where you sit (and swanky bites they are — think the Luxe Organic Chopped Salad or the heartier Luxe Cheese Burger). This, then, is the answer to the age-old riddler that asks "how do you enjoy a hotel pool if your hotel has no pool?" You look, of course, into the cocoa butter-scented, pool noodle-nice partnership between Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel and Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel.

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