Mable's 6 Feet Under: Unique OC Haunt

Think you know your haunted houses? Well, you surely do, but this Anaheim must-see takes a delightfully different tact.

AND THEN, AND THEN, AND THEN... If you're a maven of a classic Halloween maze, the sort of dark-hall'd scare house that has monsters of all furs and stripes leaping out as quivering knots of maze goers pass by at regular intervals, you likely can't wait to spread the wicked word to all of your friends. You've got tales to tell of your terrifying but awesome experience, in short. You want to inform each pal when to expect the biggest jump, what the grossest prop was, and where exactly the first freaky thing seen will be located. But there's a unique haunted experience in Anaheim that has its devotees staying fairly tight-of-lip, and with excellent reason: Mable's 6 Feet Under is a Halloweentime happening that benefits from remaining spoiler-free. And fans do adhere to that...

SPOILER-FREE-NESS, for what's inside the unusual walk-through space should be encountered with a fresh mind, one that's fully open to eeky moments, harrowing turns around low-lit corners, and finding one's way out in short or not-so-short time. The "Mable" in the maze's name will be seen — count on that — and she knows the eternal motel she lives in far better than you do. Nifty animatronics lend a certain whoa-ness to the experience, as does the fact that your sense of direction goes fully kittywampus moments after entering. What can be known? A ticket is $15, but you can nab two tickets for $22 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. It's open nightly through Saturday, Nov. 4. A personal introduction by the maze's inventive creator Carolyn Carpenter as you reach the doors lends a homey touch to the experience, but don't get too cozy or familiar: Screams await, as in screams that shall emit from you, as do dead ends that will flummox and bewitch. "Just when you think you have found your way, (Mable) will add another trick to turn you back," teases the haunt's online HQ, and it isn't pulling any legs.

READY FOR SOMETHING DASTARDLY DIFFERENT? A quirky addition to your annual Halloween outing schedule? Mable is expecting you, just off the 5 Freeway, just five minutes from Disneyland. Kids ages 12 and up are welcome, as this "chainsaw-free" maze " not gory or disturbing." But is it scary? Oh yes. Mable and her friends will make sure of that.

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