Make Mickey Mouse Beignets at Home

National Doughnut Day is on its way, which means we need to brush up on perfecting these pillows of delightful dough pronto.

Disneyland Resort

NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY, which arrives only a few days into June, is observed by many people, including those who favor traditional glazed, or crullers, or twists, some creative combo of the three. But asking whether beignet buffs might be included in the frosting-covered festivity is akin to starting a serious debate, at least those who might think that beignet love needs to occupy its own specific occasion. However you approach the topic, best start approaching it soon, if you'd like to have a new treat in your baking repertoire by the time that June 5, the doughnut's biggest holiday, arrives.

TO KINDLY HELP YOU OUT, Disneyland Resort recently shared the recipe for Mickey Mouse beignets, as part of its #DisneyMagicMoments series. Yeast and and flour and heavy cream are three of the ingredients, and, you bet, you'll want some vegetable oil for the frying. Been missing strolls through New Orleans Square, while you get a sprinkling of powdered sugar all over your Donald Duck sweatshirt? Here's where to find some of that chewy, doughy, delicious joy, all in your own kitchen. Find all of the must-haves, bake times, and important steps on the Disneyland blog.

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