Meet Artists, Buy Art at the Sawdust Festival

The Laguna Beach classic returns with cool crafts, tunes, eats, and all of that crunch-crunch underfoot.

THE SOUNDS OF SUMMER? You'd have to put "splash" on any comprehensive list, as in the splash of a pool. You might put the "fizz" of an especially bubbly lemonade settling into a glass pitcher on the list, too. And "buzz," as in some of the critters who dearly love the warmer weather, feels right to include as well. We'll also add that, for many art-loving Southern Californians, "crunch crunch," as in the sound that sawdust can make as you walk on it, is also quite the summery aural experience, thanks to the venerable Sawdust Art & Craft Festival. The word "Sawdust" in the event's name isn't just there for purposes of charm; it actually is an event that is famous for the sawdust that covers the ground. But the Laguna Beach summer must-do, which also has a shorter wintertime version, isn't about looking down, but rather around, at thousands of photographs, necklaces, paintings, and other items on display and for sale.

FOR SAWDUST... has become synonymous with beautiful and interesting art, and the artists are often right there, should you want to know the story behind a sculpture or weaving. There is also the popular glassblowing area, where you can watch the always compelling pursuit of beautiful vase-making, and there are places to hear live tunes and nosh, too. The overall vibe of the warren-like, open-to-the-sky setting? Very magical, and a bit storybook, and like a place out of time. But it isn't from some mystical land, and the Sawdust Art & Craft Festival can trace its origins back to the late 1960s. That means it is heading into its 52nd year, making this lovely Laguna Beach tradition one of the biggies on the circuit. Opening date for 2018? June 29. Closing date? Visit this gem before Labor Day Weekend wraps.

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