Meet the Haunting Ghosts of Bodie

The celebrated Mono County ghost town will keep later hours over three spirited summer nights.

George Lepp

CATCHING SOMETHING... from the corner of your eye while strolling through Bodie State Historic Park? It might be a crow preening atop a post, or perhaps a small dust devil doing a frenetic dance, or perhaps a bit of chaparral riding a bit of the breeze. Or? It could be something else, something older, a visitor from beyond the veil, or so your imagination, your intuition, and a tickle between your shoulder blades tells you. After all, Bodie is a well-known ghost town, famous among photographers around the planet, though how you think of the word "ghost" there is really up to you. After all, the Mono County hamlet is itself a ghost in many ways, for it no longer is a busy hub for 19th-century miners, those long-ago adventurers who made a home there as they dug for that elusive winning strike.

BUT DO GHOSTS FLUTTER... around Bodie's picturesque streets today? Streets that are lined in structures from the century before last, buildings caught in a spectacular state of "arrested decay"? You can probe more deeply into the paranormal at one of the Bodie Foundation's three 2020 Ghost Walks. The dates are "live," so you'll need to choose June 27, July 25, or Sept. 5 before making the marvelous drive to this Eastern Sierra treasure. An assortment of "strange tales" are promised about some of the town's phantom-forward locations during the evenings, and local legends will be discussed. Your next step? You will need to decide if you're going to purchase a Cemetery Walk ticket, a Ghost Walk ticket, or perhaps all three, since you've made the trek out to the remote history park.

WHATEVER TOURS YOU CHOOSE, keep in mind that members of the Bodie Foundation can buy their tickets on March 1, while spots open to the general public on March 15, 2020. It's no surprise that these events, given their ghostly natures and limited supply, do fill up with buffs of both Bodie as well fans of phantoms, those citizens who may have never left. Float by the Bodie Foundation now for more on tickets, times, and the ethereal vibe that seems to colorfully cling to this little town's character, much like winter snow sticks to a boardwalk or rust on an old wagon.

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