Monterey Bay Aquarium to Stream Peaceful ‘Medit-oceans'

The new morning meditation will happen each weekday morning, via Facebook, during the Cannery Row landmark's closure.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

THERE'S A REASON... that meditation instructors so often ask their students to visualize the ocean during a breathe-deep session: The ocean happens to be, for many humans, an ultimate relaxation spot. And so many of us are summoning that exact visual at this time, as the colossal response to COVID-19 keeps people home and shutters favorite destinations like Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is currently closed. Still though? We might consider finding a screen inside our homes if we're keen to both connect with the aquarium and also practice some "relax-ocean" during a morning "medit-ocean." Good thing that the famous aquarium is now offering a morning meditation, via Facebook, each weekday, for ten mindful minutes.

FEEL YOU OTTER PARTICIPATE? It's free, and the occupying imagery will include "some relaxing ocean imagery," which sounds pretty perfect right about now. Will you see the celebrated sardines of the Monterey Bay Aquarium? An octopus? Some of the creatures that are synonymous with the institution's ethereal Open Sea exhibit? Or an otter or two? You'll need to visit the aquarium's Facebook page, at 8 a.m., Monday through Friday, to see what serene sights greet you. Have you ever actually meditated inside an aquarium before? We can find ourselves busy with family during an aquarium outing, with checking off the next animal we want to see, with hectically planning our lunch break, even during the most delightful visit.

CONSIDER THIS... morning medit-ocean a fresh way to connect with a much-loved Monterey landmark , one that otter have our love and support during this time.

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