Monterey Bay Aquarium Will Sea You in Mid-May

May 15, to be exact: That's when the famous aquatic institution will welcome guests back to its fish-tastic wonderland o' the deep.

James Perdue/EyeEm

What to Know

  • The acclaimed aquarium will reopen to the general public on May 15; tickets go on sale on May 5 at 9 a.m.
  • Member Days: May 1-14; tickets go on sale on April 26 at 9 a.m.
  • Behold otters, sardines, octopuses, more

THE TIDES? They have a dependably timeless way of going out, then foaming in, then receding, then growing closer, then falling away, and so on and so forth. Tack on several past eons to this concept, and as far into the future as you can possibly sea, er, see, and you'll about have it right where the tides and their relationship to the land are concerned. There's something else, though, that's about take on a tidal vibe for fans of one of our great oceanic institutions: The reopening of Monterey Bay Aquarium, following a year-plus closure due to the pandemic.

LIKE THE TIDE, the aquarium has returned to the shores of our hearts, or will, beginning on May 15, 2021. That's the reopening date for the general public, but members can visit earlier, all throughout the first two weeks of May. The on-sale date for tickets? It's May 5 for the general public and April 26 for members (and you can begin purchasing your admissions to the Cannery Row landmark at 9 a.m. on both mornings, depending upon if you're a member or not). Of course, even though the aquarium, like the tide, receded from our lives in the physical, "in-person" sense, it remained a vibrant force for well over 12 months, offering at-home learning, upbeat videos, beautiful wallpaper, and lots more.

"WHAT TO EXPECT": Best paddle over to this page now, as fast as an eager otter might cross a pretty pool, and read all that you'll need to know about safety guidelines and visiting after the reopening. An advance ticket? It's a must. A face covering? Likewise. Splash into the MBA site now for more information.

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