Monterey's Baby Critters Boast the Cuteness We Need

Otter pups and condor chicks are adding a sweet sunbeam or two to our worlds.

Chase Dekker Wild-Life Images

NATURE AND NEWBORNS? New life is forever emerging, around the planet, at all times of the day, and even if we don't have a camera pointed at various shorelines or nests or caves or dens, we know that little animals are making their exciting debuts. But if you want to put the focus on a particular area, and some of the wilder wonders that have become synonymous with a specific region, you might be able to name some of the newly born critters making their springtime debuts. And if you were to pause and ponder Monterey County, you might instantly come up with a few furry and feather-laden favorites that famously call the area home.

CALIFORNIA CONDORS? You bet. Southern sea otters? You can spy them just off the coast in many places. Sea lions? We just want to bark it up over how sweet the little sea lion cubs are. Seals? They're bark-worthy, too. And whale calves? If you're lucky enough to spy a large blowhole out in the ocean, and then a tiny puff next to it, you may have just seen a mom and child migrating by. To celebrate some of its sweetest spring babies, and to deliver some of that delight to our homes, there is this adorable round-up from See Monterey, which covers some of the iconic animals of the peninsula.

HOW TO DIG DEEPER... and find out more about the seals and condors and otters you love? See Monterey has kindly provided a few links, so check out the Harbor Seals of Pacific Grove on Facebook or the Condor Cam, which is keeping watch on a new chick in Big Sur. For all of the Monterey's marvelous springtime bambinos, spend some smiles scrolling through this page now.

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