Mosey Around Morro Bay's Funkiest Yard Sale

Many Central Coast locals participate in this springtime tradition, one that involves street after street of offbeat finds and deals.


SPRING CLEANING, come the month of April, is a total Thing, with a capital T. We want to vacuum under the couch cushions, and run the dog's pillow through an extra cycle, and find (and donate) whatever duplicate dishes are lurking at the back of the cupboard. But once we've done the mondo clean-out, and passed on a few random finds to friends, and taken everything else to our local thrift store, we might pause and discover that we have a need for something sweet, special, or strange, an item that can fill a newly empty spot and an empty place in our decor-loving heart. How to best discover such a delightful lamp, painting, or you-name-it? Heading to a yard sale or two is traditionally a solid plan, and one of the most unusual, the...

CITY-WIDE YARD SALE... in Morro Bay, brims with all sorts of housewares and books and accessories and pieces of clothing. How large is this leg-about, spend-hours-shopping event? It takes over huge hunks of the handsome, Pacific-adjacent town, and it takes over three days, too, not just the usual one-morning-and-done window that a typical yard sale observes. The 2020 dates are a ways down the road, with all of the look-around, bargain-fun action taking place over the first weekend of April. That's April 3 through 5, and you can expect all of the sales to rev up at 8 o'clock in the morning, every day of the sale. What will you find there? What won't you find? Well, surely not everything, but you will come across oodles to ponder.

INCLUDING, fingers crossed, the perfect knickknack or objet d'art to fill the space you cleaned out, a little too hard, during your springtime spiffy-up.

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