National Plan for Vacation Day Is Giving Us Big, Big Dreams

The 25th day of January is all about anticipatory joy, and looking ahead to possible road trips, getaways, and fun days to come.

Corey Jenkins

What to Know

  • Jan. 25 is National Plan for Vacation Day
  • Visit California has plenty of ideas for close-by getaways, as well as a page devoted to "What's New in 2022"
  • Eager to go somewhere this summer? Bookings at a number of places are filling up early

JUST ABOUT EVERY STUDY... that delves into the mechanics of our leisure time seems to say some version of the following: Anticipating something pleasurable is just about as good, if not better, as experiencing the pleasure in real time. That happy anticipatory feeling, the one that hums in the background as we go about our day-to-day duties, keeps us looking ahead, with the knowledge that, in a few months, we'll be on a beach, a roller coaster, a peak, or in a cozy cottage on the edge of a pretty forest. With that in mind, it makes sweet and serene sense that National Plan for Vacation Day happens near the end of January, when we're just coming out of the hectic holiday spin (not to mention that, in many parts of the country, a deep chill sets in around this time of year). To help shake off the bundle-up doldrums, and to gaze with hope down the road? Oh joy: There are several sun-bright ideas to consider.

VISIT CALIFORNIA... is an excellent first stop for those vacation dreamers seeking an adventure closer to home. Of course, "closer to home" is a bit of an elastic term in the Golden State, thanks to its notable size, but it also means that ginormous mountains, the pretty Pacific, world-famous theme parks, ghost towns, gorgeous deserts, and pretty much anything else you'd hanker for can be found within California's lengthy borders. The tourism organization recently shared a "What's New in 2022" round-up, if you're hoping for a novel experience, one you can spend a few months anticipating. Coming right up? The family-fun Sesame Place San Diego is set to debut in March, Wonder Woman Flight of Courage will zoom into Six Flags Magic Mountain this summer (the mega coaster will break a few records), and several new hotels will debut, including Stanly Ranch Auberge Resort in Napa Valley.

HAPPY VACATION PLANNING: For more "What's New" magic, spend part of National Plan for Vacation Day perusing Visit California now.

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