Neon Scorpion Hikes Will Scurry Through Late Summer

Make for Mount Diablo for this after-dark activity, but be sure to sign up first; spots do go fast.

Ricardo Cortes-Cameron/EyeEm

What to Know

  • August 1, 15, 29, and Sept. 12; times vary, but all happen around and after sundown
  • Lindsay Wildlife Experience naturalists will helm the hikes on the north face of Mount Diablo; plant and habitat appreciation are part of the outings, too
  • $15 members, $20 non-members

ARTHOPOD AFICIONADOS? They're likely keeping an eye out for some of the planet's most incredible, eight-legged, scurry-prone superstars whenever they're in a place where scorpions are known to frequent. But these nocturnal critters don't always make their presence obvious in a big or immediate way. Heading out onto a hike with a knowledgeable nature-knowing pro at the lead, after sundown, is one way to go, especially if you'd like to discover more about the habitats that these stinger-rocking animals occupy.

LINDSAY WILDLIFE EXPERIENCE... makes it easier for scorpion enthusiasts to see these beasties in the wild, thanks to a series of Neon Scorpion Hikes. Oh, did we say "neon" there? We did: Scorpions are known to take on a glow when bathed in black light, a sight that is a little surreal and beyond memorable (though a non-glowing scorpion is mighty majestic, too). You'll trek about two miles, all told, and spy plenty of plants and wondrous features around the north face of marvelous Mount Diablo, which is where the hike takes place.

THE PRICE? It's $15 for members of the Lindsay Wildilfe Experience, and $20 if you're not a member. There are a few things to remember to bring and wear, like comfy shoes, and a face mask, too. Oh yes: And parking is $6. Word from the animal-helping center, which is based in Walnut Creek, is this: Spots for the 2021 outings are filling up as fast as a scorpion scurries under a nice rock, so you'll want to book soon. And again: This is all happening at Mount Diablo, not Walnut Creek. Need more info? Shine a light on this page now.

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