Nevada City's Ye Olde Christmas Is Now Charming Visitors

Victorian Christmas, that venerable seasonal staple, is happening over a few select and celebratory dates.

Nevada City Chamber of Commerce

MERRY MERRY MERRY: Call upon a certain Gold Rush town, the one that's located in the picturesque county that has a name that's very similar to its own, and you're bound to feel some of the Victo-atmos on any day of the year. What do we mean by "Victo-atmos"? We are, of course, talking about Victorian Christmas, the biggest poinsettia in the Nevada City bouquet. The street-based bash, which happens over a few select December days, is as full as plummy-perfect charms as a plum pudding has plums, or, er, other tasty elements. There are carolers dipping into the wayback carol catalog, and toasty-warm foodstuffs to devour, and the occasional top hat or muff to admire. You don't actually pass through a time portal, we don't think, but the 18th-century buildings along the village's Broad Street do serve as a history-rich passageway.

THE DATES FOR 2019? Enter these into your time device now: Dec. 15, 18, and 22. Indeed, you're looking at two Sundays, and a Wednesday, and, for sure, the first Sunday celebration for the year is now done (farewell, Dec. 8), with the Dec. 11 rolling with all of the flavor of a hot chestnut. It's free to stroll this sweet-hearted, small-town-y, quaint-big bash, but stop the strolling when you spy Father Christmas, if you'd like to send him some glad tidings. And if you'd like a picture with Santa? That's six pounds, er, dollars. No worries if you can't make it back to the Londontown of another era this year. Nevada City is closer, and full of yuletide fun times yule, er, you'll love.

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