Safari Nights Raise a Happy Howl in Palm Desert

Enjoy the under-the-moonlight experience at The Living Desert.

THE DESERT AND MOONLIGHT... are an ancient pairing, a duo that can count back, decade before decade, covering centuries and millennia and eons. Few perfect twosomes have stood time's test, but this one does, and anyone who is in the desert on an early fall night, just as the sun's last beams de-beam on the far horizon, know why this desert-moonlight match-up as rightly earned accolades. Perhaps it is because the desert is so beautifully unfussy, and seemingly sparse, at first glance, that gives the moon-landscape combo its power, and seeing all of the soft light fill in canyons and arroyos captivates. Whatever your feeling here, the desert, of course, is not so sparse, though moonlight may indeed possess magic, especially in soft September. Which is just when...

SAFARI NIGHTS... returns to The Living Desert, in Palm Desert, over a series of fun Friday nights. This is your chance to enjoy the animal park when the sun goes bye-bye, and things are a mite cooler out and about. The first Safari Night for 2018 is on Sept. 7, and you can count on a number of gotta-try-that to-dos, including "... an astronomy station, bat detecting station, scorpion walk, and animal chats." Might you spy some of the resident beasties, too? Both porcupines and fast cats call The Living Desert home, so keep those peepers peeled for critters of all stickies and stripes. The price for a non-member adult is $14, and a kid can enter for eight bucks, and the hours are 7 to 9 p.m., which means you may still have time to stick your feet in your hotel's pool after the zoo adventure, if the pool is open later. 

SEPTEMBER... is just about the grandest time in the California desert, with those quintessentially super-warm days but nights that speak of the changing of the seasonal guard. Find your way to this gem of an animal-superb expanse, while soaking in that desert-moonlight mystery, with a dash of summer-meets-fall enchantment.

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