Savor Delish Deals at Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week

Fresh ingredients, interesting menus, and a swath of eateries in the resort cities to try.

A 17-DAY WEEK: Some weeks, let it be said, can expand well beyond their traditional seven-day run. If you've ever reached a Friday after a few hectic days, and you glanced back at Monday, well... It can seem as though Monday happened a month ago. But there are some longer weeks, weeks that stretch well beyond their allotted number of days, that aren't about errands and must-dos and stress-making events. Rather, they're focused on food, and new bites, and fresh, summer's-coming flavors, and a host of elements that can make a person wish that every week was super-extra long.

GREATER PALM SPRINGS RESTAURANT WEEK... is one such boundary-tester, both temporally, yes, and in the kitchen. The temporal part? This Restaurant Week lasts for 17 days, meaning you can enjoy it for over half of June. Make that the first half of June 2018, plus a couple of days beyond the middle of the month, too: It's on from June 1 through 17. And the boundary-pushing continues at the stoves and on the menus, where a line-up of lauded chefs create the sort of cuisine that stands out in what is truly one of California's biggest foodie regions.

OVER 100 RESTAURANTS... are on the we're-joining-in list, including Cantala at Riviera Palm Springs, El Jefe at The Saguaro Hotel & Pool, and Johannes. The map is big with this one, with several desert resort towns popping up, meaning you can eat from La Quinta to Palm Springs and back again. Lunch and dinner menus, priced just for the sup-around spectacular, shall rule. How will you ever dine at them all, in just 17 days? Better pick your favorites, and tell your pals where to meet, and then wish, fervently so, that a 17-day week grows even longer in years to come.

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