Shop Unique Finds at ‘A Winter Fantasy' in Laguna Beach

The Sawdust, that arty summertime stalwart, will open over "five festive weekends," helping gift-seeking guests connect with holiday cheer.

Sawdust Winter Fantasy

What to Know

  • Opens Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021 at the Sawdust Art Festival
  • Weekends through Dec. 19
  • $10 adults, $7 seniors 65+, $5 children ages 6 to 12, children ages 5 and under admitted free

SNOW IN LAGUNA BEACH? This frosty forecast is a weather report straight from the imagination, for the ocean-snug hamlet is very much about temperate days, soft sunshine, and the chance to soak in the outdoors, whatever the season. And yet, there is an effervescent annual event that can make people want to wear a plaid scarf, and woolly socks, and connect with their Christmas-loving, craft-obsessed side, even if the scarf and socks get a bit warm. It's a "Winter Fantasy," the colder-weather version of that beloved summertime spectacular, the Sawdust Art Festival. Or, rather, make that the "cooler-weather version," for strolling outside at this famous artisans-and-more destination is a pleasure, in large part because you can purchase so many gifts, treats, and stocking stuffers for the people on your list.

FOR THE HOLIDAY MARKET... boasts booths full of funky earrings, offbeat items for the garden, large-scale watercolors, artworks created out of found objects, and so much gorgeous glassware. It's an outdoor craft wonderland, with several of the artists right there, so you can say hello, stop for a chat, and learn a bit more about what they do. Adding atmosphere to the Winter Fantasy? Santa sightings are part of the merriment, as is pop-up caroling and warm drinks to sip as you saunter. Do keep in mind that this is a weekends-only affair, starting on Nov. 20, and wrapping on Dec. 19 (the summer Sawdust is a daily to-do). Trust that whenever you'll stop by, you'll find yourself at one of California's most Christmassy outdoor shop-arounds, a place full of artisanal treasures.

AND WHILE LAGUNA BEACH... isn't cold enough for flakes to fall, "snow" has been seen at past Winter Fantasy events, at least the kind that drifts in this neck of the Golden State. For more on this charmer, tickets, and its history, which stretches back over more than half a century, saunter by this site now.

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