Shutterbugs, There's Still Time to Enter a Cool Bodie Contest

If you love the well-preserved ghost town, here's something to love: Valentine's Day is the new deadline to enter the annual calendar contest.


TIME, in Bodie State Historic Park, isn't necessarily elastic or malleable or changeable or bewitched. The seconds, minutes, and hours pass in the Mono County destination much in the way that they do in other places, even if it can seem like a perfect Bodie afternoon, a sunshine-drenched, silence-blessed stretch, can last for a happy eternity. But sometimes? Time does play a role in the timeless place, and consulting our watches, or rather our calendars, is an important next step. It certainly will be for the shutterbugs who love to snap exquisite images of the ghost town's empty streets, haunting abodes, and long-deserted public buildings, for the annual calendar contest, a photog-fabulous competition helmed by the...

BODIE FOUNDATION, has a new final-entry date. Formerly? It was Feb. 7, 2021, but you have a bit more time to pore over all of your shots of the rusting cars, chatty crows, and vintage lanterns. For Valentine's Day is the new last-chance moment to send in your best snaps. If your spirited photograph is chosen for the cover of the 2022 edition? You'll receive $300 and complimentary copies to distribute to a couple of admiring loved ones. If your ethereal image is picked to gorgeously grace one of the inside pages? One hundred dollars shall be yours, and, yes, a few gratis calendars of your own. Start here, Mono County mavens, to find out how to enter.

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