Tanaka Farms: Strawberry-Sweet Summer Fest

Hop on a strawberry tour and watch a puppet show at the Irvine-lovely agra-landmark.

JUMP-STARTING SUMMERTIME... can happen in myriad merry ways, from finally purchasing that cold treat maker you've eyed on the store shelf over the last few years to buying a new lounging chair for the backyard. But one of the most delicious ways, and good-for-you routes, too, is to fold in plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, all of the leafy, tart, crunchy produce stars that are at their most primo at the moment. Those fruits and veges can, of course, be found at your local store, probably, but venturing to a spot that grows lots of healthy produce feels like a summer season tradition in the making. No, summer isn't quite here, officially, but June is, and Tanaka Farms, the historic Irvine spread that's synonymous with perfect strawberries, is ready to get fruitly festive (or festively fruitly). The established-in-1940 property is holding a party on...

SATURDAY, JUNE 3 AND SUNDAY, JUNE 4: The theme? Why it is a Summer Festival, complete with "(l)ots of free samples" and "...our best summer vegetables!" No surprise here, only delight for strawberry seekers: There shall be Strawberry Tours all weekend long. Also charming? Puppet shows for the young'uns, and not-so-young-uns, plus games, crafts, and other activities. Bring funds for BBQ tri tip sandwiches, hot dogs, and strawberry lemonade, but save some dough for the cookable, snackable vegetables and berries you'll want to buy and whisk home. What's plump and ready to purchase at the start of June? Mmm, sweet white corn, fresh sugar cane, and more. The Tanaka Farms Facebook page has photos of some of the foodstuffs grown at the leafy landmark. 

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