See a ‘Sea' of Blossoms at The Flower Fields

The colorful Carlsbad destination has just two more weekends to go, with a Mother's Day finale.

The Flower Fields

GIANT TECOLOTE RANUNCULUSES... are, without argument, the best-known of the blossoms seen around The Flower Fields in Carlsbad. And when we say "around," we're definitely engaging in some serious understatement, for a sizable portion of the 50-acre property is covered with the petal-mazing, super-bright specimens. But like other super-bright specimens from the flower kingdom, the Giant Tecolote Ranunculus has its yearly peak, which often arrives in the earlier part of April at Carlsbad Ranch, or sometimes near the middle-to-end-ish of the month. Still, whenever you choose to call upon this color-washed wonderland — and it is open from March 1 to Mother's Day each year — there shall be all sorts of beautiful blooms to behold, including...

A "SEA OF SUNFLOWERS": The "newest addition" to the famous destination is currently wowing guests at the attraction, with "all colors, shapes, and sizes" of sunflowers adding flair to the pretty patch. Adding further allure? The Flower Fields team says that "some sunflowers are as big as small moons and others over 12' high," giving visitors seeking sweet snapshot spots lots of variety. And a good day to call upon this spectacular "sea," as well as the rest of the sights, including the Sweet Pea Maze? A weekday is the best choice, because Saturdays and Sundays do hum. And Mother's Day, which is May 8 in 2022, which also happens to be the last day of the season at The Flower Fields? For sure, it will see plenty of flower fans eager to soak up the sunshiny spot's final hours.

FIND OUT MORE... about what's happening before this Technicolor to-do says farewell for another season, the Sea of Sunflowers, and all of the airy events offered at The Flower Fields, from tractor rides to picnics to yoga. Getting your ticket online? That is a must, so start here.

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