The Force Is With Disneyland's Space Mountain

Venture into the cosmos, and encounter a TIE fighter or two, at the limited-time "Hyperspace Mountain."

Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

SPYING A TIE FIGHTER? You might be just departing an asteroid field, or exploring a new planet, or piloting your ship over a moon's horizon when you suddenly spy the fast and fearsome Imperial vessel. But there is a cosmic conveyance that can famously outmaneuver these fighters, if you know when and where to board. The "where" part is a cinch, as it happens to be based on Planet Earth: It's Space Mountain, which is located inside Tomorrowland, which can be found inside Disneyland park in Anaheim. But the iconic attraction has transformed, for a limited time, into Hyperspace Mountain, which is giving "Star Wars" fans a chance to zip, zoom, dip, and fly through the thrilling world of Rebel X-Wings as they square off against a series of super-swift TIE fighters.

THE ATTRACTION'S THEMATIC OVERLAY... is only back at Disneyland for a fraction of an Earth year, so keep in mind that you have a couple of months to enjoy it. And you don't need a separate ticket, or to know a well-connected Wookiee or droid, to ride. Boarding Hyperspace Mountain is part of your entry to The Happiest Place on Earth, which will require a reservation, in addition to a ticket. As far as what makes Hyperspace Mountain different from its host, which has been whisking Disneyland visitors into the far reaches of the universe since May 27, 1977, which so happens to be two days after "Star Wars — Episode IV: A New Hope" debuted? The ride's soundtrack is full of fantastical flourishes from the films, the sound effects are exciting, and energetic dialogue furthers the story. And skirting an epic dogfight on an ultra-fast roller coaster, one that is twisting and turning through starry darkness? It's a cinematic sensation, for sure.

BUT DON'T WAIT LONG... to alight at Hyperspace Mountain for this oh-so-"Star-Wars"-ian experience: The awesome adventure concludes on July 4, 2022.

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