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The Winchester Mystery House Goes LEGO

See a recent brick-beautiful tribute to the San Jose landmark in honor of Friday the 13th, a major day at the mysterious manse.

Winchester Mystery House

THE WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE? It has a holiday of its own, an eerie occasion that many fans look forward to, when that occasion comes around. It's Friday the 13th, which, of course, doesn't occur every month, but rather once or twice a year (though, yes, 2015 had three of 'em). Sarah Winchester, the legendary lady of the house back in the day, liked the number 13, and the historic bell on her property is rung 13 times each Friday the 13th (at 1 p.m., or 13:00, if you prefer). And the Friday the 13th Flashlight Tours? Another must-do for mavens of the rambling mansion.

THE MANSION TEMPORARILY SHUTTERED... ahead of its Friday the 13th celebration on March 13, 2020, in the wake of the coronavirus. Devotees of the date can look forward to the newly rescheduled Flashlight Tours, which will now happen in the middle of May, and another offbeat treat, an ode to the Winchester Mystery House that will appear elsewhere (and not at the San Jose landmark). It's a LEGO tribute to the massive structure, and while it won't be displayed at the house, it will be found at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Bay Area, which is slated to open in April. As for what it took to build a tribute to the mega, many-room'd abode?

7,500+ BRICKS... can be found within the model, which took "just under 200 hours" to come together (both the design phase and the actual build). Tiny turrets, wee windows, and other elements add charm and authenticity. Hoping to visit the actual mansion when it reopens on April 1, its projected reopening date as of March 13? Follow the Winchester Mystery House's social media pages. For more information on the soon-to-open LEGOLAND Discovery Bay Area, click (much in the way you'd do with a pair of bricks).

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