New Year's Eve

This Mega LED Torchlight Ski Parade Shines Bright

Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows is the spot to sign up for your slot on New Year's Eve.

Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows

ARE THE ACTIONS TAKEN... on New Year's Eve just a little luckier? If you eat a delicious meal on the last day of the year, is that a flavorful foretelling of the year to come? If you see a shooting star that evening, does that mean you'll be recognized as the star you are throughout the coming months? And, if you hold a bright light on a snowy mountain just hours before the chime of midnight, does that mean you'll take on extra shine, no matter how chilly life gets, over the next 365 days? Let the sparkly signs lead you to Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows, and one of the merriest, join-in happenings of the holidays: The World's Largest LED Torchlight Parade.

BOTH SKIERS AND RIDERS... are invited to participate in the upcoming schuss & glow, which will take pretty place in the final hours of 2019. The first slot you can sign up for? Keep 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 31 in mind. There are a lucky seven slots in all, with the final one taking to the slope at 6:30 p.m. (and, yep, "(y)ou will only be allowed to ride the Exhibition chairlift during your time slot). After the torchlight-tastic show? There shall be fireworks, and live tunes, too, to take you into the super-felicitous, oh-so-auspicious year o' 2020. Shine your light bright, revelers, whether you're in a slope-fun torchlight parade in Lake Tahoe or living it up someplace just as magical.

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