Tree-tastic Times: The Sequoia Shuttle Is Ready to Roll for Summer

Eager to visit the big trees? Here's a relaxing way up (and down and around) the mountain.


What to Know

  • The seasonal shuttle will spirit visitors up to Sequoia National Park from May 27 through Sept. 10, 2023
  • $20 round-trip; pick-up locations are listed on the site, with Visalia serving as a main hub
  • Once inside the park, riders may enjoy "unlimited shuttle service"; several major sights are on the shuttle routes

THE SEQUOIAS' SUMMER CALENDAR? We imagine any appointment books owned by the tall trees might include entries that say "grow" and "provide shelter for critters" and "produce beautiful burls" and "shade the forest floor." Humans, however, have vastly different summertime schedules, and they frequently include the words "dream up a really cool and educational and relaxing road trip that the family will remember forever." That isn't always the easiest box to check off, but planning a trip that involves admiring some of the largest living things on the planet can be made easier, and even relaxing, but booking a ride on the Sequoia Shuttle.

THE POPULAR SERVICE... has announced its 2023 schedule with an opening date at the end of May and a final wrap-up on Sept. 10. For twenty bucks, you'll ride up, up, up to the supersized specimens, and you'll be able to catch a shuttle back down again (yep, that $20 will cover a round-trip ticket). Oh yes: And your ticket also covers unlimited shuttle rides within Sequoia National Park, if you want to hop between a few epic attractions. Perusing the routes ahead of time, and some of the spectacular sights you'll behold, is always a wise idea. That millennia-spanning superstar, the General Sherman Tree, is a must-visit for many park visitors, while Moro Rock and Tunnel Rock are also favorites. Several trails are on the four route maps, which you can peruse here.

SHUTTLE INFORMATION, ways to book your ride, and what to do once you're inside the national park are all on the site. Best crack open that day planner and get dreaming, for summer 2023 is nearer than it seems.

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