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Two Knott's Classics Meet in a Few New Snoopy-Sweet Items

The Snoopy Boysenberry Vine Collection celebrates both the adorable icon and the fruit famously associated with Knott's Berry Farm.

Knott's Berry Farm

What to Know

  • Limited-edition plush Snoopy and headbands (Snoopy and Belle)
  • Available via the Knott's Berry Farm Online Marketplace and the Taste of Boysenberry Festival, happening through May 2
  • "While supplies last"

FINDING A CUTE CONNECTION... between an iconic cartoon canine and a juicy purple-blue berry that adds zing to syrups, jams, and a host of other foodstuffs? You might need to sit and ponder that one for awhile, if you're not familiar with a beloved theme park located in Buena Park. But of course you know Knott's Berry Farm, with its vintage-vivacious Ghost Town, its chicken dinners and zoomy roller coasters, and, yes, its best-known symbols. Those would be Snoopy, cartoonist Charles Schulz's pizzazz-filled Fido (a major part of the Knott's family since the early 1980s), and the boysenberry, a goodie that gives fruit-forward flavor to dozens of treats around the destination. Now Knott's mavens can purchase a few items that include odes to both Snoopy and the boysenberry, thanks to the...

SNOOPY BOYSENBERRY VINE COLLECTION: A Boysenberry Vine Snoopy plush, which is patterned with pretty berries and vines, and two wearable ears (one representing Snoopy and one spotlighting Belle, Snoopy's sweet sister) are part of the limited-edition items. If you're dreaming of when you can again venture back to the park, which hopes to reopen in May 2021, perhaps a spin through the Online Marketplace, where all three items are available for purchase, is one Knott's-nice way to pass the time. But if you're attending Taste of Boysenberry, the foodie experience that's on through early May? You can buy the boysenberry-patterned Snoopy there, too.

FIND OUT MORE... about the cute combining of two Knott's Berry Farm favorites, and what is ahead for the theme park (hint: A "bear-y" fun attraction will soon return, newly updated and full of quintessential Knott's nostalgia).

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