Yosemite Shares a Beary Good Reminder

The Keep Bears Wild site is full of good tips about storing food and staying a good distance away from the local bears.


PARKS, LIKE PEOPLE, seem to need to catch their breath now and then. It isn't always a planned event, when a nature-filled expanse takes a much-needed pause, but it happens. And if Yosemite National Park could schedule a step-back moment for itself, the sort of moment that allows we humans a bit of renewal, it would likely arrive in the autumn. For autumn is deep-breath time for the beloved park, after the rush-rush of the summer, and before winter adventurers arrive. And those famous waterfalls of spring, the gushing-est show of the year? They're still months away. We only need to look to the hundreds of American black bears that call the Sierra spread home, and how they, too, take an ancient and restful pause when chill winds begin to blow around Yosemite in the fall. As hibernation time settles in for the bears of the Big Y, let us take a bear-like trundle by...

THE "KEEP BEARS WILD" SITE: It's an online hub for everything to do with the Yosemite bears, and, as importantly, how we humans can be bear-aware when calling upon the region. That means tapping into wisdom, sound judgment, and basic courtesy on our parts, in terms of safely storing food, staying a good distance from any bear we might see, and keeping to an observant and slow roll when driving through the vast park. This helps the bears be at their beary, er, very best, and human visitors to remember that we're calling upon the ursine residents' home turf when we're out enjoying the many gorgeous gifts of Yosemite. Now that the bears are savoring their annual R&R, we have a chance to study up.

BUT WHEN HIBERNATION... is over in the spring? Definitely check back, because the Keep Bears Wild Bear Tracker, which is currently on snooze for the wintertime, is a fascinating feature, especially if you're obsessed with the furry, sweet-snouted, wide-roaming superstars. Also? You might keep a keen eye on Yosemite's social media pages, even as the bears take their pause. The social team often spotlights their local bears, and a recent reminder pointed to the Keep Bears Wild site, along with an exquisite snapshot of a bear walking among fall leaves and fresh snow.

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