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New Mammogram: More Comfort, Less Radiation



    (Published Friday, Oct. 26, 2012)

    Women in Southern California now have access to a new mammogram that hurts less, is faster, and sends significantly less radiation into the body while it’s scanning breasts for abnormalities.

    Toby Navarro began getting her mammograms early and frequently because of her family history.

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    “My grandmother passed away from breast cancer and never got mammograms so I’ve been getting them for ten years,” she said.

    This year Navarro chose to get a new type of mammogram called the MicroDose digital mammogram.

    Breast radiologist Lawrence Resnick of the Woman's Breast Center of Santa Monica said it may be more accurate than conventional mammograms, and it provides other major benefits.

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    “Reduces radiation by up to 50 percent, it’s faster and there’s less discomfort because there’s less pressure on the breast,” Resnick said.

    The plate which the breast is placed on is completely different from the one on conventional mammograms. It is heated and rounded so there is less compression.

    The machine is also able to take more precise x-rays than conventional mammograms. The computer then reconstructs clearer pictures that are easier to read and more likely to detect even the smallest cancer. And because of lower radiation, it can be used on younger women.

    That means earlier detection or earlier peace of mind.


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