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Grieving Friends of Road Rage Victim Set Up Fund



    Juan David Vasquez Loma, 20, is on life support after being shot in the head following an apparent road rage incident in Silver Lake.

    Juan David Vasquez  Loma is described by his friends and co-workers as a compadre, a kind thoughtful man, and diligent worker.

    “He was the best employee I could have wished for, “ said Jay Batten, the owner of Garage Pizza, where Juan David worked.

    Friends of Road Rage Victim Set Up Fund for His Family

    [LA] Friends of Road Rage Victim Set Up Fund for His Family
    Cary Berglund talks to friends and co-workers who knew Juan David Vasquez, who was shot on Silver Lake Blvd. saturday night.
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011)

    On Saturday he was driving one of his co-workers home first before going back to drive two others home. It was during that second trip that David was shot in what police speculate was a road rage incident.

    His co-workers are all still in shock.

    “Everyone is walking around like zombies,” Batten said.

    Juan worked at Garage Pizza in Silver Lake, but that was his second full time job. He also worked just down Sunset Blvd. at El Chavo. Sometimes his days lasted as long as 17 hours. 

    Juan, they say, pulled double duty so he could send money back to his family in Mexico City, and now he lies in a hospital bed with a very slim chance of surviving the gunshot wound to his head.

    So the people he spent so much time with are doing the only thing they can think of to help.   They can’t make Juan recover and they cannot solve the crime, but they set up a fund to help with his medical expenses, although they fear the money will most likely be used for bereavement expenses.

    Juan David Vasquez Loma Victim’s Fund
    Citibank Account # 204204192

    Anyone with information about the shooting can call the LAPD Northeast Homicide Divison at (213) 847-4261.

    Correction: In a previous version of this story, Juan David Vasquez Loma was incorrectly identified as 25 years old. His correct age is 20, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.