L.A. County CEO to Step Down After Seven Years

Los Angeles County CEO William Fujioka announced Thursday that he is retiring in November

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    L.A. County CEO William Fujioka announced he is retiring after seven years on the job.

    Los Angeles County CEO William Fujioka announced Thursday that he is retiring in November after seven years on the job.

    As the county CEO, Fujioka is appointed by and charged with assisting the elected L.A. County Board of Supervisors in administering the county.

    He is also paid his $350,000 salary for overseeing the county’s multi-billion dollar budget.

    Fujioka was the chief executive through the Great Recession and has been credited with keeping the county functioning without subjecting workers to the massive layoffs or furloughs common to other local governments.

    He said in a letter to the Board of Supervisors it was it was the recession itself that caused him to stay on past 2012, when he originally expected to retire.

    "When our County was faced with the devastating impact of the recent recession, I felt that it was important that I stay to help weather the storm," he said in the letter. "Now that we have strong signs of financial stability and economic growth, it’s time to move on to the next adventure."

    Before stepping into his role as the L.A. County CEO, Fujioka acted as the chief administrative executive for the city of Los Angeles.

    Fujioka’s departure comes during a period of upheaval in the normally stable county government.

    Two county supervisors will take office later this year and a new sheriff and county assessor will be stepping into their roles as well.

    The current board will have to decide whether to select a replacement for Fujioka before the new supervisors are seated in December, or wait until the new board is set.

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