Timeline: Miramonte School Scandal

A look at the key events in a child abuse scandal at a South LA school

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    Miramonte Elementary School in the Florence area of South Los Angeles

    December 2010: Investigation begins into Florence school teacher Mark Berndt after authorities find dozens of questionable photographs of children, police say.

    February 2011: LAUSD suspends Berndt from his teaching position at Miramonte and notifies him that they intended to fire him.Full Story

    March 2011: Berndt objects to the district's dismissal of him and requests a hearing, which is set for October. Full Story

    June 2011: Berndt and the district reach a settlement agreement; LAUSD pays Berndt $40,000. Full Story

    Jan. 31, 2012: Berndt, 61, is arrested at his Torrance apartment for allegedly committing felony molestation with 23 children ages 6 to 10 years old. Police cite the nearly 40 photographs of Berndt allegedly committing lewd acts on children. He is held on $2.3 million bail. Full Story

    Jan. 31, 2012: Police release mug shot of Berndt (pictured, below).

    Jan. 31, 2012: Parents at the school voice their dissatisfaction with administrators for withholding information for more than a year. Full Story

    Jan. 31, 2012: Neighbors living in Berndt's apartment building, which he owned with his sister, say they were not aware of any wrong doing and some believed Berndt had retired. Full Story

    Feb. 1, 2012: Judge increases Berndt's bail to $23 million, $1 million for each count against him. He also postpones arraignment for Berndt until Feb. 22. Full Story

    Feb. 1, 2012: Police say they seized 350 more photos at Berndt's residence and a Redondo Beach CVS, which is required by law to report suspected child abuse found in pictures.

    Feb. 2, 2012: A former fourth-grade student of Berndt's, Nadine Martinez Rodriguez, says she witnessed some inappropriate conduct but was scared to speak up about it. Watch Video

    Feb. 3, 2012: Martin Springer, 41, also a teacher at Miramonte Elementary, is arrested at his Alhambra home on suspicion of committing lewd acts on children. Watch Video

    Feb. 3, 2012: A lawyer for a mother whose daughter was allegedly abused files a claim in court against a Miramonte Elementary teacher and the school district, claiming a "massive cover-up" allowed the alleged improper conduct to occur. Full Story

    Feb. 3, 2012: Similar to the Berndt case, Springer's neighbors were shocked to find out he had been arrested under such allegations. Full Story

    Feb. 6, 2012: It is learned that a former Miramonte Elementary teacher's aide, Ricardo Guevara, was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2005 for committing lewd acts with children. Guevara was convicted for a case from 2003, but had allegedly been committing such acts as far back as 1995. Full Story

    Feb. 6, 2012: Upset parents from all over Southern California protest outside Miramonte Elementary to question how LAUSD handled the abuse claims. The protest occurred just hours before LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy was expected to address them. Full Story

    Feb. 6, 2012: Deasy announces to parents in a closed meeting that Miramonte Elementary will be completely restaffed and social workers will be placed in every classroom. Full Story

    Feb. 7, 2012: Springer is charged with three felony counts of lewd acts upon a child under the age of 14, according to authorities. Full Story

    Feb. 7, 2012: Some parents and students are critical of the district's choice to replace every teacher, protesting the move with signs that read things like, "All teachers are not criminals." Full Story

    Feb. 7, 2012: Some immigrant families with children at Miramonte Elementary are afraid to speak up due to fears regarding their immigration status, but Los Angeles County Sheriff's Sgt. Dan Scott says immigration will not be an issue for those who come forward. Full Story

    Feb. 7, 2012: Parents are upset over a state law that allows public school teachers convicted of felonies to still collect their pensions, which are paid with tax-payer money. Full Story

    Feb. 8, 2012: It is reported by the Los Angeles Times that a Miramonte Elementary fourth-grade student's mother found a love letter in June 2009 that she claimed was from a teacher's aide. Full Story

    Feb. 9, 2012: Miramonte Elementary School reopens with a new staff after a two-day shutdown. Full Story

    Feb. 9, 2012: An exclusive NBC4 report reveals that the LAUSD paid Mark Berndt to resign. Full Story

    Feb. 10, 2012: Martin Springer is released from jail, according to the LA County Sheriff's Department. Full Story

    Feb. 13, 2012: Miramonte staff members start at a new high school after their transfer ordered by the LAUSD. Full Story

    March 28, 2012: Prosecutors say they are still going through "a lot" of photos and working to identify new potential victims. Full Story

    March 28, 2012: Berndt's attorney asks judge to lower bond from $23 million to $1 million. Request denied. Full Story

    May 4, 2012: The first in a series of negligence lawsuits in connection with the case is filed against the Los Angeles Unified School District. Full Story

    June 28, 2012: A bill designed to expedite the disciplinary review process for teachers accused of sexual abuse fails to pass Assembly Education Committee. Full Story

    July 10, 2012: Fourteen mothers of Miramonte students file a lawsuit alleging that the school district did not protect their children from accused teacher Mark Berndt. Full Story

    July 13, 2012: The FBI announces that it will not look into allegations of sexual abuse. Full Story

    August 16, 2012: A preliminary hearing for Mark Brendt is delayed, giving prosecutors more time to investigate the case. Full Story

    Correction: An earlier version of the timeline erroneously reported Berndt was fired in January 2011. He was actually suspended in February 2011 and notified of his pending termination.