Supermarket Employee Finds Handgun in Box of Beef

Authorities don’t know where the gun came from.

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    A loaded handgun was found in a box of meat similar to this one in New Mexico on Wednesday.

    A Roswell N.M. supermarket employee found a .38 caliber super semi automatic handgun with seven rounds of ammunition in the most unlikely of places on Wednesday, inside a box of frozen beef.

    The worker discovered the firearm while he unpacked meat shipped from Colorado, according to reports. The firearm was brought to Roswell Police Department later that afternoon.

    Authorities don’t know where the gun came from. The worker who found it wiped the gun clean, eliminating any fingerprints and a National Crime Information Center database search revealed no other clues, NBC News reported.

    The case continued to take an interesting turn when authorities found out the meat was packaged over a year ago. Continued searches in several other law enforcement databases could take months.

    "You hear of people finding frogs in their salad or weird stuff like that, but never heard of this one," Sabrina Morales, Roswell Police Department public relations liaison told NBC News.

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