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What To Do At Dodgers Spring Training

Get to games early to maximize your Dodger Spring Training experience



    So you plan on heading out to Camelback Ranch for Dodgers Spring Training this year? Congratulations! For first-timers, this is a decision you will not regret. And for repeat-attendees, well, you already know how great of an event this is.

    In order to get the most out of your experience, follow these Spring Training Tips!
    Schedule your trip early: You may have noticed in pictures from Spring Training that crowds are already forming. Despite there being no games yet, fans are already flocking to Arizona and it is because early on in Spring there is greater access to players.

    As a fan you are dealing with smaller crowds, and you are getting to the players before they are tired of signing autographs every single day.

    Schedule your trip later: Say you want to go to Spring Training, but do not really feel like watching entire games with names you have never heard of. If you attend the final weekend you will see pretty close to a full-power Dodger lineup.

    These games are also the most well-attended games, so you will have to fight off crowds too.

    Get to games early: We've all heard this said plenty of times before: "Dodger fans do not show up until the third inning, and they leave in the seventh." Well that mentality will simply not do in Spring Training.

    Get there early to games so you can walk around the complex, get some great eats, relax in the warm Arizona sun, and get right on the railing for some autographs.

    Prepare for the sun: Camelback Ranch is a great place to watch a ballgame, except for the one fundamental flaw. Every stadium in Arizona is facing East in order to keep the maximize the amount of shade, except Camelback Ranch. You will take a beating from the sun at the Dodgers Spring Training home.

    So come prepared with hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. If you must stay out of the sun, sit along the first base side in the top rows.

    If there is a split-squad game, go to the visiting stadium: This one might seem odd. But if the Dodgers are splitting the squad, and you have already seen a couple games at Camelback Ranch, try to go to the game at the visiting stadium.

    None of the venues are absolutely jaw-dropping, but it is still fun to go around and check out each team's facility. Most stadiums are within reasonable driving distance, so try and map out a way to maximize stadium visitations.

    Try to catch some local sports action: Arizona is not just the home of the Diamondbacks, you can also catch a Phoenix Suns or University of Arizona basketball game, and even cool off at a Coyotes hockey match.

    Chances are you will be back at your hotel before the sun goes down, so might as well double-down on some sports action. If you are in town during the week of March 4 you could even catch a Clippers-Suns game.

    Use the promos on tickets: Your tickets are likely to have a coupon on the back for a local business, restaurant or sports team. Try to spend your nights out of the hotel room, and out doing something new.