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Move Over, Hidden Mickeys: Disneyland Launches an Egg Search

A special map, a special event, and springtime searching? It's on, Mouseketeers.



    IT'S A FACT... of pop culture that the iconic Disney characters fit well with practically any product, shape, or thing under the Anaheim sun. Stroll Disneyland's Main Street and you'll see Mickey-eared balloons, Minnie cups, jewelry that's both glamorous and Goofy. But few shapes fit the Disney dream team as well as the egg. Paint a Donald on an oblong orb and ta-da! You've got a Donald Duck egg. Super Disney fans do this at home, each Easter, putting in some painstaking hours on the colorful process, but a certain Orange County theme park is in on the holiday act, too. For the second time Disney California Adventure, and for the first time Disneyland, will "hide" character-cute eggs throughout the park for fans to find. The name? It's EGG-stravaganza 2014, you betcha.

    IN ON THE YOLK: The deal on this limited-time map-o-rama? It runs through Easter -- that's Sunday, April 20 -- and you'll need to nab a special map (that's $4.95 and available at select retailers in both parks, like the Gag Factory in Toontown). Then you're off to spy the seasonal ornaments, sticking stickers on your map as you go. There are a dozen characters in all, so it won't take up your whole morning -- although it certainly could, if you want it to draw out the search -- and some new characters have been added for this year. And, yep: There's a surprise at the end that has to do with the hunt itself.

    DOES THIS MEAN... that more people in the parks'll be on the lookout for eggs over Hidden Mickeys? Well, maybe not; those Mickeys are major. But think of EGG-stravaganza as an offbeat way to see the Disney sights, buildings, and landscape as you keep your eyes peeled. Yep, we said "peeled" there -- egg joke.