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Britney Spears Introduces Adorable New Family Member: Meet Sawyer

Puppy pals! Get to know Britney Spears' adorable, blue-eyed Australian Shepherd puppy Sawyer, who she took home after vacationing in Maui

Britney Spears
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And they call it puppy love!

Britney Spears has found herself completely smitten with a new companion in her life: her puppy, Sawyer. On Tuesday, Feb. 15, she showed off the adorable, blue-eyed Australian Shepherd--and some of her own dance moves--in a video on her Instagram account.

"Geez .... can you have two loves of your lives because he comes in second," the mom of two captioned the post. "I'm introducing the new edition to my family ... his name is Sawyer and he's a white Australian shepherd with blue eyes !!!!!"

The "Circus" singer shared that she found Sawyer while vacationing in Maui, which she visited last month with her fianc Sam Asghari, and, as she put it, she "took him home with me immediately."

"It's funny ... he doesn't talk back but it's like he understands what I'm saying !!!!" she explained about the puppy's sweet personality. "I think he understands me especially with those eyes... he makes my heart melt ... he needs me and I like that !!!!!"

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However, Sawyer isn't the only new member to join the Spears family. Spears added that she recently also took home a new feline friend but did not reveal its name.

"I also have a new cat and will introduce her later but i watched a documentary on cats last night !!!!" she wrote. "Such intelligent animals ... dogs think people are God ... cats don't because they know better !!!!"

And, in true cat fashion, the singer shared that her new pet is very clever and discerning.

"My cat is French and very peculiar ... she looks at food as if she is 30 for two min before she eats it," Spears joked. "She's extremely smart and she looks like a miniature cheetah!!!! Me and security couldn't find her for 2 hours and then when we did she would disappear again !!!!"

In addition to Sawyer and the new cat, Spears also owns three more dogs: a Doberman named Porscha, a Yorkie named Hannah and Maltese named Lacey.

"I have a house FULL of small animals," she wrote, "and I like it besides the potty training!!!!"

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