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A Chuck Jones Centennial

A three-day celebration pays tribute to one cartoon's superstars.



    A Chuck Jones Centennial
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    Cinefamily celebrates the legacy and brilliance of Chuck Jones on his centennial. The 'toons roll fro Saturday, Feb. 16 through Monday, Feb. 18.

    Picture an anvil dropped from a canyon ledge. An amorous skunk. A duck in outer space gear. And a singing frog in a top hat.

    We hardly need type anything more, because everyone in the universe -- yes, the whole universe -- knows we're talking Looney Tunes here. And when one talks Looney Tunes one must shine a spotlight on one of the legends behind so many iconic cartoon moments and images: Chuck Jones.

    It's the centennial season for this great artist -- Mr. Jones was born in the fall of 2012, and passed away in 2002 -- and Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre is paying tribute with three days of classic cartoons. Dates? Saturday, Feb. 16 through Monday, Feb. 18.

    On the roll call: "What's Opera, Doc" (think Bugs Bunny in blonde braids), "Feed the Kitty" (the saddest cookie ever), and "One Froggy Evening" (hello my sweetie, hello my darling, hello my ragtime gal). And several other Looney Tunes favorites.

    But Mr. Jones worked on animated classics beyond Bugs and Co. "The Phantom Tollbooth" will screen on Sunday, Feb. 17.

    It's a good weekend to honor someone who contributed so much to the cartoon pantheon. It is Oscar week, after all, and Mr. Jones received an Honorary Academy Award in 1996.

    We'll guess a lot of longtime Looney-Tuners'll show for some laffs, but if there isn't a parent or two there, with a young'un, ready to introduce them to the cartoons of their youth, well. We won't speculate, because there will be. Looney Tunes love is something many a parent hands down to their progeny, and rightly so.

    That's all, folks. (Really, is there another way to end a Looney Tunes piece? No. No there is not.)

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