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A Downtown Scavenger Hunt Goes Time-Traveling

Atlas Obscura leads a crew of history-loving adventurers on a photo-fun mission.



    A Downtown Scavenger Hunt Goes Time-Traveling
    USC Digital Library
    Could you identify downtown landmarks from an old photography? Join an Atlas Obscura and losangelespast.com scavenger hunt on Sunday, June 30 and find out.

    We're about to say something so obvious it'll a) maybe blow your mind a teensy bit and/or b) make you go "pffft!" and declare our statement the most obvious statement ever stated.

    (You'll probably land between the two, is our guess, though closer to the first choice.)

    But here goes: A photograph, any photograph, is a past object, even one you may have snapped on your phone seconds ago. No photographs come to us from the future, and if they do, bet one of the movie studios have snapped up the rights to their story.

    Which means that a time-travelin', scavenger-huntin' Sunday spent in downtown LA, with photographs serving as the main tools of discovery, will be a past blast. (Dear movie studios, if you want to use "past blast" in your promotional materials for the movie we just described, we're cool.)

    The date of the hunt is Sunday, June 30, those oddity-loving, city-embracing get-up-and-goers from Atlas Obscura will be at the historic helm, alongside losangelespast.com. You and your team'll receive a series of snapshots depicting buildings and landmarks that have been at home in our city for several decades.

    But just because we said "snapshots" doesn't mean this'll be a snap; it isn't like the photos will be of Union Station, straight on, and everyone will immediately cheer "yay, Union Station, we win!" There will be some pondering, chin-scratching, and intense discussing in which you'll engage.

    Also? You'll cover around 3 miles of lookie-loo-ing, and June 30 is predicted to be toasty, so take the necessary sartorial/H20ial precautions.

    Cost is twelve bucks and the after-party -- with winner-commending and glory-enjoying -- will be held at The Redwood Bar. If you win, crow it up, we say, and crown yourself King or Queen of Know-It-All About Historic Downtown LA. Who's stopping you? 

    And cheers, Atlas Obscura and losangelespast.com, for building a lively day out built around our love of photos and local landmarks. This could be done in a dozen spots around SoCal -- maybe two or three dozen -- with no repeats. We're awaiting your next snapshot scavenger hunt already.

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