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BreakUp Bar, a Haven for the Lovelorn

The pop-up experience takes an anti-Valentine's Day stance, with humor and, yes, heart.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    BreakUp Bar
    BreakUp Bar is addressing tender emotions with understanding, art, and bubbly, too, through Sunday, Feb. 16 on Melrose Avenue.

    What to Know

    • Through Feb. 16

    • 7276 Melrose Ave.

    • Reserve your spot at an anti-Valentine's Day Champagne celebration

    While pop-up experiences may instantly and deeply connect with a significant number of people, not every temporary here-today-gone-in-a-week experience has the power to be about every person.

    A pop-up based on a movie? Some people have seen the film. A pop-up based on a musical style? Some people dig the style of songcraft.

    But a pop-up based on a fruitless romance, the end of amour, and an unmistakable sense of lovelorn-a-tude?

    Everyone can grok to that, pretty much, given that heartache is one of the less appealing but seemingly necessary parts of being human.

    BreakUp Bar gets our grokability in this arena, and the light-of-heart pop-up is eager to ease our pangs and help us glow through our woe.

    How? By giving lovelorners and all who want to raise a glass to love and not-love the chance to celebrate, the anti-Valentine's Day way, with bubbly and your buds.

    If heading out on Valentine's Day itself is not your cup of tea, er, Champagne, BreakUp Bar is open through Sunday, Feb. 16 (just check the hours). You can find it on Melrose, next to Severance WineBar.

    What can you expect to see?

    Not a literal veil of tears, nope, or a pile of damp hankies, but rather a large-scale wall devoted to "... broken relationships," plus a "... mini art exhibit of relics of Valentine's Day past, and a 10 foot projection screen showing classic breakup movies of past and present."

    A host of confections, such as cakey goodies and sweet fondues, are on the menu, as well as bubbly and wine-based cocktails. 

    A ticket?

    It's twenty bucks, and that includes a cocktail or sparkling wine flight. You should reserve, although, yep, walk-ins are a-ok, if there is room.

    But why not book ahead of time, and save any potential disappointment? After all, when a destination is devoted to disappointing romantic themes, but in a rather whimsical, let's-find-strength-together kind of way, you probably don't want to heap on any more heartache.

    So skip the heartache of being turned away from the door, if BreakUp Bar is full, and book your spot now.

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