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Congrats, San Diego: You've Got a Pizzeria Mozza

Creative crusts: A Los Angeles favorite makes its Police Headquarters debut.



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    Pizzeria Mozza
    Mmm, yes: Pizzeria Mozza, a Los Angeles tried-and-true pie palace, makes its yummy-crusty bow in San Diego.

    Restaurant recommendations are as individual as the people making them.

    Some fans rave about chefs, while others touch upon savory dishes, the decor, the feel, or a place's unquantifiable charisma.

    But how a recommendation is made is often the true story: Is the recommender passionate, engaged, and is she or he using her hands a whole bunch to paint the place?

    That's one of Pizzeria Mozza's strongest suits. The pie palace, which was founded by Nancy Silverton, Joe Bastianich, and Mario Batali, is frequently described with gestures as well as words. People pull at phantom pizza slices, mimicking cheese, or twirl pasta with an imaginary fork, or they pudding-bowl their hands to show that famous butterscotch dessert.

    Now San Diegans will be talking with their hands, too, to describe the seven-year-old pizza boutiquery's cheesy charms. The first San Diego Pizzeria Mozza bows on Monday, Nov. 18 at The Headquarters.

    The new location joins Singapore, Newport Beach, and the always-traffic-bustling corner of Melrose & Highland in the posh pizza biz.

    So what shall we tell our brethren down southerly way to order? Oh goodness. The aglio e olio pizza, all fontina and mozzarella? The mortadella panini? And, of course, the butterscotch budino, with its ample sprinkling of sea salt. (Though this new cioccolata calda may give it a sweet run for its dessert-ruling money.)

    Just be sure, when talking to newcomers to the Pizzeria Mozza phenom, to use those hands. How better will you convey torn basil leaves and crunchy crusts than with a few dramatic gestures?

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